Field Rules


1.    It is recommended that no member fly alone.

2.    All fliers must be AMA members in good standing.  All field and flight operations shall be strictly in accordance with the current AMA safety code.

3.    No more than three aircraft including helicopters shall be in the air at any given time. This includes helicopters hovering on the helicopter pad or flying in pattern on the main field.

4.    Flying is absolutely forbidden over the pits and no fly zones as established by the Executive Committee.

5.    Full-scale aircraft have absolute right of way over all model aircraft.

6.    No one other than pilots, spotters, students, instructors or safety officers is permitted in the Pit area or on the flying field.  All others must remain in the spectator area, which is located under the canopy.

7.    Every pilot is responsible for the worthiness of his or her model and controls, and shall inspect his or her aircraft before each flight.  Every new or repaired aircraft is subject to safety and flight worthiness inspections at any time by any officer, safety officer or instructor.  Unsafe equipment will be grounded until correction and/or repairs are made. 

8.    All fueled engines with a displacement greater than .051 cubic inches shall be equipped with a muffler and produce sound of no greater than 96dB @ nine feet at full throttle.

9.    Use fuel overflow containers.

10.         It is recommended that all members flying gasoline/fueled powered models have a UL approved fire extinguisher close at hand.

11.         Observe posted times at the field.

12.         All pilots using FM approved transmitters (not using 2.4 GHz transmitters) shall use their frequency clip and place it upright on the fence directly in front of the canopy before activating their transmitter. Once their transmitter is de-activated their frequency clip should be removed from the fence. A transmitter impound is recommended under the canopy for three or more flyers that are using FM transmitters.  All pilots should observe a 15 minute time limitation.

13.         No FM radio shall be activated until the pilots’ frequency clip appears on the fence as stated in 10 above..

14.         All helicopter operations shall be by mutual consent with airplane pilots with a 15 minute time limit.

15.         All members are responsible for removing their trash when they leave the field.

16.         Announce your intentions to take off, touch and go, dead stick, low pass and landings. Dead Stick has right of way.  All low passes will be made over the tall grass on the far side of the runway not over the runway itself.

17.         Use the three flight stations marked by pad and fence openings.  One Pilot per station.

18.         Fly responsibly.  Use a spotter.

19.         Obey no fly zone…northern point of field and southeast corner as marked. (See attached map)

20.         No smoking.

21.         All major engine adjustments and breaking in will be performed away from the flight line and canopy using the fourth flight bench to minimize disruption to those flying and for safety.

22.         Pilots will not consume alcoholic beverages

23.         prior to, nor during, participation in any model operations